i love

Originally from Fredericksburg, Virginia where my coffee obsession, personal connection + love of downtown came from, I moved to Norfolk, Virginia for six years where I then met my now amazing husband. Military life currently settled us in El Paso, Texas where my love of the beach was replaced by desert + authentic Mexican food.

I am a military wife, a mama to an amazing two month old, and a mom to two rambunctious cats. When not photographing, my camera is replaced with a coffee in hand + the occasional IPA (or wine) at night. You can usually find me listening to music (I can go from Kenny Chesney, to ADTR to Migos REAL quick y'all) + dancing even IF someones watching. I love a great adventure + will be your best passenger DJ on the next road trip.

hello. I'm April!


freezing time


my family

my mama pants (leggings!)

Frank Sinatra

A good wine

From the moment you first inquire about your wedding, elopement or portrait session until your final photos are delivered, I promise you that you will receive not just photographs to hang on your wall or to send out for Christmas cards, but an unforgettable, authentic experience that is true to you + your family.. One that documents just as you are, real life moments that will be cherished + remembered through a photograph for generations beyond your own.

With that said, none of my photographs are created by telling you to stand here, put your arm here, + smile on the count of three. My photographs for you are created personally through genuine belly laughter, frozen moments that remind you why you fell in love with your significant other, + sometimes dancing it out your family. As promised, I'll always dance along with you.

From beginning to the end of your session, my ultimate goal is to have you feel comfortable, beautiful + true. To give you an amazing experience that leaves you feeling warm + fuzzy inside, filled with love, laughter and memories to remember why you're capturing this moment in time to begin with.