Quick Tip Thursday: My top 3 Podcasts

September 12, 2019

Quick Tip Thursday: Podcasts

Hey friends! I’m starting a new series! Every Thursday, I’m going to give you a little quick tip for your life! This can be for anything & everyone, whether you’re a photographer, a wedding planner, a blogger, or simply just someone who wants to know just to know! This week, I’m going to start off simple: My top 3 Podcasts I listen to! Recently this year, I’ve become a big listener in podcasts. As a stay at home mom + business owner, I don’t always have the time to sit + read something new. Most of when I do – it’s for education and improving myself or my business. Podcasts give me SO MUCH life when I want to learn something. I can be feeding my little one, cleaning the house, doing business things, or driving in the car (don’t play on your phone and drive) + are still able to grasp a concept, enjoy a new topic, and learn something new just for fun or to improve my business. I always strive to always be learning – there’s always something new to learn. Podcasts help me do just that while and have so many ways you can listen. Let’s get started!

1: The Goal Digger Podcast by Jenna Kutcher
The Goal Digger Podcast

Now, if you don’t know who Jenna Kutcher is, well, I’d believe you are living under a rock. No, but really Jenna Kutcher is a SUPER successful well-known businesswoman, photographer, and educator from a small Minnesota town. Her podcasts touch and dive deep into several topics such as business, photography, and personal life. Why she’s my favorite? Jenna is unbelievably down to earth, raw and empowering. Her education has deemed so many successful results from so many creatives. Jenna helps you tackle your biggest goals down to the nity gritty of topics, gives personal insight, and her personality ties everything together and makes you want to chase down your biggest dreams with the utmost confidence.

Give a list on the website below, Available on Itunes & Spotify + on the website.

The Goal Digger homepage

2. Life with Amy & Jordan

Lie with Amy & Jordan Podcast

Amy & Jordan are two WONDERFUL + amazing photographers from Arizona that are the most real couples in the photography business. Starting out as Elementary school teachers – they fulfilled their dream into successful photographers. These two now helping photographers fill their dreams with education courses & education that turn those dreams into SUCCESS stories. They are so adorable and even though they just recently launched their podcast – they are KILLING it with wonderful reviews & such realness in their episodes. They give insight into real life, achieving your dream, and the chaotic moments in life that you can’t forget. Amy & Jordan are one of the top 10 educators to watch according to Rangefinder Magazine. Give them a listen down below!

Available on Itunes & Spotify:

Life with Amy & Jordan

3. Bokeh – The Photography Podcast

Bokeh The Photography Podcast

This podcast created by Nathan Holritz covers a great length of photography education + influencers. Whether you’re a wedding photographer, portrait, family photographer – there’s something for every niche. This podcast blurs the line between the personal and business side of photography. I love the influx of guests he has on his show that provides different insights + goes in dept into the content they are covering. This podcast is down the earth, calm and reaches topics related to all business such as workflow, lighting, growing your business and more.

Available on Itunes & Spotify:

Bokeh: The Photography Podcast


So, there you have it! My top 3 podcasts to listen to. No matter what, I can always find something to listen to, or relate to within these 3 podcasts. Make sure to give them all a listen! Do you have a favorite podcast not listed? Let me know in the comments below!

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